Our cultivation method
Starting with hand picked genetics, we cultivate all our plants hydroponically in a soilless medium.
Why? The primary advantage of growing plants with hydroponics is all the nutrients are directly delivered to the roots, and the plants do not need to search and extract them from the soil, thus resulting in a faster and a higher yield.
Mother Room
For 10 years, we have hand selected plants that have dominated the grow room, as well as the market. During this phase, we take cuttings from coveted “mother” plants, so all the desirable genetics are passed down to the new generation by “cloning” it.
Cloning is a way to produce the same type of plants without compromising on potency and keeping the same desired attributes. We achieve quality control in this way, as the clone shares the same genetic code of the mother plant.
After the clone’s have developed roots, the plant’s growth will truly start to take off. The roots and foliage are developing rapidly, while being trained for maximum light exposure. All the plants nutrients are fed directly to the roots allowing maximum uptake.
Now that we have healthy, mature adults we have induced the “photo period” to start producing flowers. During this time we closely monitor and adjust environmental conditions in the final weeks to help promote trichome production and create dense, aromatic buds ready for harvest!